Blog 5 DIY Carpentry Hacks to Try at Home

5 DIY Carpentry Hacks to Try at Home


Guess what?

Home improvements and upgrades need not be costly!

It’s not always a matter of hiring contractors or professionals to complete major adjustments in your house.

If you’re ready to get your hands dirty, invest some time and patience into some basic woodworking and carpentry projects, then maybe it’s time to break out the tools and visit your local hardware store!

What better way to make your home feel more comfortable than to add your own personal touches?

When to DIY and When to Hire a Professional Tradie

DIY is not for everyone (and certainly not for all home improvements).

Sometimes, we need to leave some things to the pros. Don’t always trust everything YouTube videos say such as “Easy DIY Home Improvements” or “DIY Carpentry Hacks You Should Try”.

Certain projects require intermediate DIY knowledge, and you might need to assess yourself based on your current skills.

For instance:

🔨 Are you well equipped for this project?
🔨 Can you confidently improvise when the project doesn’t turn out the same as in the tutorial?
🔨 Do you have the time to complete the project?
🔨 Are you patient enough to complete the  woodworking projects?
🔨 Is the project suitable for your current skill set?


If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you’re more than ready for a DIY project. 

The last question you need to ask yourself is if the project requires specialist knowledge or qualifications. If you require heavy tools such as a chainsaw, or technical skills for plumbing and electrical, it may be out of your comfort and skill level. More importantly, it could be very dangerous for you to complete.

This is where it’s extremely important to seek help from professional tradesmen who know how to safely conduct the work.

You might only require a professional tradesman for one or two tasks, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

In these cases, it’s very easy to find a local handyman or electrician on services like LinkU.

5 DIY Carpentry Hacks to Try at Home

Everyone suffers from everyday problems at home.

It may be as simple as a lack of storage which causes things like sports equipment to fall out of cupboards or you always find yourself squeezing through rooms filled with stuff from carpet to ceilings. Whatever your problem is, you can find a solution with some basic DIY carpentry projects.

Declutter, improve your living space and simplify your life with these 5 simple DIY carpentry hacks.

1. Hanging Shelves

DIY Hanging Shelves

If you’re living in a small home or you’re simply a minimalist type of person, hanging shelves is definitely the way to go. Apart from not consuming floor space, floating shelves can be artistically designed to act as a feature in any room. 

U-shaped, L-shaped, open box or geometric hanging shelves are just a few of the many styles you could find inspiration in. Who wouldn’t love a space-freeing, minimalist, yet luxury looking set of shelves?

Making a hanging shelf is not as simple as it looks and it can require an intermediate understanding of carpentry knowledge to execute properly, quickly and with the least amount of damage. This is particularly important for those who wish to install shelves on a rental property where unnecessary damage can result in the loss of your bond! In this situation, it’s best to ask your landlord for permission and find a professional handyman to assist with the installation. 

Those with basic carpentry knowledge can absolutely install hanging shelves.

Hanging shelves shouldn’t be an expensive project as you would only need basic tools such as nails and hammer, level, wood glue, and pocket hole jig.


2. Breakfast-in-bed Tray

DIY Breakfast Tray

You must admit, breakfast in bed is one of the best feelings in the world. 

The bacon! Eggs! The toast!

And, don’t forget the amazing smell of coffee in the morning!

Now that everything in modern life happens at the snap of a finger, it feels good to slow down and enjoy the moment while eating the most important meal of the day. But to make sure that your beautiful breakfast in bed moment doesn’t turn into a disaster, you will need a breakfast in bed tray.

A breakfast in bed tray will save your delicious meals from going everywhere. But, not many people know it can also double as a laptop desk. It makes it easier for us to stretch out our legs and do away from the heat of our laptops while working in bed.

The difficulty level to create a breakfast in bed tray is relatively low – so it’s perfect for DIY carpentry enthusiasts who can confidently work with wood glue, some power tools like a jigsaw or tools like parallel bar clamps, pocket hole jigs, forstner bit, and connecting bolts and caps.

With this project, you’ll be enjoying breakfast in bed like never before!

3. Book/Tablet Stand

DIY Tablet Stand

Some studies show that posture problems arise from too much hunching over while reading books or using our tablets; that’s why book stands have become rampant in recent times.

Hack your way from bad posture by making a DIY book or tablet stand with minimal effort!

Apart from its usefulness, you can also personalise your tablet stand based on how you want it. For instance,  you could add wings to make it stand or you could decorate it with stickers. Maybe add quotes from your favourite authors. Or you could even add front clips to hold a pen or stylus!

The options are truly endless.

Creating a book or tablet stand is really basic DIY carpentry work. It can be done by virtually anyone with basic carpentry knowledge and skills. Materials needed include wood, hinges, screws, washers and optionally, sheets of copper and plasti-dip.

4. Under Bed Storage System

DIY Underbed Storage

With Marie Kondo humbly persuading the world to tidy up through Netflix, we can’t help but be inspired by her ideology of clearing clutter from the tops of tables, dressers or anywhere else that doesn’t look neat.

An under the bed storage is the perfect solution to hide these ‘untidy’ things, declutter, and help you free up space as you hide unnecessary items around your room.This is definitely something for those with intermediate DIY carpentry knowledge and skills. The tools needed for this project include a Brad nail gun, clamps, drill, miter, and saw.

Just don’t stub your toe on your under bed storage system after you build it! 

5. Cinder Block Bench

DIY Cinder block Chair

Are you hosting a barbecue with friends and don’t have enough seats for everyone?

Save yourself from the worry of where they’ll sit or buying flimsy plastic chairs (that probably won’t match the chairs you have at home). Instead, make a super simple and aesthetically pleasing cinder block bench!

A cinder block bench can even be customized based on the shape of your outdoor setting or the colours in your garden!

This is a super easy DIY project anybody can complete provided that you have the required strength or help to move the necessary heavy materials. 

All you must do is purchase multiple cement blocks and position them in a place where sturdy wooden posts can pass through the holes and connect to others on the opposite side. 

A cinder block bench could be as simple as a rectangle or as complex as an L or U shape depending on how many people you want to sit in it. The advantage of a cinder block bench is that it’s super easy to disassemble and move to a new location!

In Conclusion:

DIY projects can be extremely fun and rewarding!

Some DIY carpentry projects are easy to complete, especially with a certain amount of research, elbow grease and patience. But some other projects may require you to reach out to a professional tradesmen for some assistance to avoid any accidents or damage to your property. 

Of course, this shouldn’t stop you from following your passion for DIY projects or thinking about what projects you would like to start. Finding someone with the necessary skills to help you is actually really simple – and you won’t even need to spend hours on the phone asking for quotes.

Simply post a job on LinkU and you’ll receive quotes back from qualified and highly skilled tradesmen today! Click here to get started. 

Hopefully you enjoyed our articles and you are filled to the brim with ideas for DIY carpentry projects to upgrade your home! 

Good luck! 

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