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How to Find and Hire Cleaners You Can Trust

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There is no place like home.

Well, if your place is homey and neat, that is.

No one wants to come home to a messy place especially after working hours over hours. However, just thinking about cleaning, organising, or even decluttering already takes so much of your time. Executing your plan is another story.

This is where it becomes more and more enticing to hire a professional cleaner to lend a helping hand! 

Advantages of Hiring Professional Cleaners

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The best thing about hiring professional cleaners is that you know that they’re best for the job. Cleaning companies invest in training and process that are guaranteed to deliver optimum results.
In other words, you can count on a sparkling clean office or home!

Cleaning services vary from commercial buildings to homes as businesses and households have different cleaning needs. What’s great about professional cleaners is that they have specific services that are suitable for your needs. For instance:

🧹Carpet cleaning

🧹Glass window polishing

🧹Upholstery cleaning

🧹Move-out clean

🧹Spring cleaning

🧹Express cleaning

🧹Bathroom cleaning

Cleaning companies also use the best cleaning supplies and equipment to clean your office or home. Often, these supplies and equipment are far more effective than those widely available or affordable for consumers.
Fantastic cleaners also make an effort to keep their supplies as green and environmentally friendly as possible. Environment-friendly products are far safer for our homes and offices where we could potentially be breathing in harmful toxins daily. 

How to Find and Hire Cleaners You Can Trust

You may be hesitant to trust a cleaner in your home or office. After all, there are some horror stories on the news!

Needless to say, it’s wise to take some steps to ensure that the cleaner you hire is 100% trustworthy. So, here are some tips to not only find a trustworthy cleaner but also one who is capable of providing a fantastic cleaning service.

1. Define what you want

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First, it’s important to determine your preferences. Before you contact cleaners and ask for quotes, make sure you know what you want because they’re going to ask you questions you may have to think about first. Ask yourself these questions:

🧹Do you want a big and established company handling your cleaning services?

🧹 Would you rather have a solo cleaner?

🧹 Or do you prefer a team of cleaners?

🧹 Do you have your equipment and supplies they can use?

🧹 Or would you purchase new cleaning equipment?

🧹 Do you have special requirements – eg. upholstery cleaning, glass polishing, carpet cleaning?

There are always pros and cons in whatever options you pick. So, it’s crucial to define the services that you need before they start.

2. Do Your Homework: Research

woman with laptop searching through google

Google is certainly your friend here!

Go ahead and research companies who are offering cleaning services – big or small. Make note of the best ones you encounter and ignore the companies with negative reviews!

Don’t forget to look at their packages and compare prices. After all, why should you spend more when you don’t need to?

It’s also important to ask for referrals from family and friends. They’re your best source when it comes to credibility and reliability. Ask your family and friends for cleaners who have provided them with a reliable and trustworthy service.

3. Watch Out for Bonding, Insurance and Cleaner’s Remuneration

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Make sure that the cleaner you hire is registered, bonded and insured. This is particularly important when dealing with an individual cleaner as opposed to a company.

It’s relatively easy for things to get knocked over and break during cleaning. After all, it’s noisy and sometimes the vacuum tubing and wires have their unpredictable agenda! Furthermore, a cleaner can become injured on your premises – and if they aren’t personally covered with insurance, you may be liable.

So as you search for your potential cleaner, add this into your crucial requirements. Remember, you can always look for a certified, qualified and insured cleaner on LinkU.

Lastly, it’s important to find out whether the company you are dealing with has a permanent team of cleaners or hires freelancers on a contract to contract basis. A company with a permanent team of cleaners typically places more emphasis on training and providing superior customer satisfaction.

Studies show that employees who are well-compensated and are provided with company benefits work harder and are happier. That might mean the difference between a mediocre or excellent cleaning job for your office or home.

4. Be Mindful of Reviews

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Ease your mind by reading the cleaners reviews on Google, Facebook and LinkU. It’s not easy to please everyone but having a consistently high rating says a lot about the quality of the cleaner.

Housekeepers or cleaning companies getting ratings as high as 4’s and 5’s means they’re good; but if they get a 3, that’s also fine. Remember that dissatisfied clients tend to write reviews more than satisfied ones.

5. Explain your Requirements Properly

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Now is the time to call or contact your pre-screened candidates. Get your requirements ready and tell them exactly what you need done.

Don’t forget to double-check that they are registered and insured! 

Negotiate a deal if you require a cleaner for multiple occasions or times and let them suggest packages that suit you best. Don’t forget to ask them to email you their quotes for future reference and accountability.

6. Ask for References

woman with a pen in hand writing notes from her phone call

Don’t forget to ask your cleaning candidates for references. Even though you might only require a cleaner for your home, you’re an employer and this means you should act like one too! You are bringing a cleaner into your personal space or office after all. 

Ask potential candidates the following questions:

🧹 How long have you worked for your company or in your business?

🧹 Are you responsive post-booking?

🧹 Do you promptly respond to issues?

🧹 How would you handle an instance where property damage occurs?

🧹 Would you consider yourself reliable? Do you have any problems with punctually? 

🧹 Have you had any instances with theft?

Lastly, let them talk about their own or the company’s reputation. It will be easy for them to give good words and remarks granted they are competent operators. 

7. Have a Walkthrough

old woman showing the cleaner whcih to clean by her drawer

Rank the cleaners or companies that you have researched and contacted. If the work is reoccurring, it’s wise to ask the top 3 cleaning providers to walk through your home or office. This will help to gauge how they are like in person and provide you with an accurate quote. 

Some companies charge by the hour and some charge by the items or rooms that require cleaning. By inviting the cleaner to a walkthrough, the cleaner can approximate the hours required or invoice according to the number of items or volume of space involved. 

8. Ask for The Final Quotation

woman client asking for quoatation from service provider

The cleaner will verbally let you know how much their services will cost. It’s important to ask them to email a finalised quote so the agreement is 100% clear on both sides. The last thing you want is to argue about the price after the work has been completed.

9. Write it Up

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All services must be written in the form of contract. Be sure that you have this before they send out their cleaner.

And don’t forget to read their terms of conditions. As tempting as it may be, don’t be quick to click “I agree”. Terms and conditions can hide nasty conditions! 

If you’re good with what’s in there, sign it up and you’re good to go!

10. Prepare for the Services

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Lastly, make sure your valuables are hidden and aren’t in sight before your cleaner arrives at your house or office. Cleaners are rarely untrustworthy individuals, but it’s wise to remove the temptation – after all, we all have bad days and situations that cause us to make mistakes. 

Trustworthy Cleaners Coming Your Way

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These ten steps are your guide to find and hire cleaners you can trust. At the end of the day, all we want is to have peace of mind as we let somebody else handle our cleaning tasks.

It can take a lot of time to find a cleaner who is trustworthy, insured and ready to provide you with a competitive quote.

Luckily, there’s a way you skip most of the hard work. Find a trustworthy cleaner on LinkU today!


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