Blog Things To Consider When Hiring a Locksmith

Things To Consider When Hiring a Locksmith

Things To Consider When Hiring a Locksmith


Need to change locks? Don’t just do it yourself.

You can never overspend on home security. There is no price you’d be willing to pay if it means compromising your family or your business’ safety. If you have to change locks to your house, don’t just do it yourself. Here are five crucial things to look at before hiring a locksmith.

To a lot of folks, hiring a locksmith is a reactive decision. People who consider home security as a serious matter to think about early on are few and far between. And often the decision is too late. You only ring your local tradie when your doorknob is already jammed. Or worse, when you have already been robbed.

Here’s the thing: you can prevent these things from happening altogether. By working with a reliable locksmith, you are putting your home and your family in better care than clumsily installing the locks yourself.

In this article, we’re going over five crucial things to look for when hiring a locksmith, regardless if you’re just switching locks or fully upgrading home or office security.

Local locksmiths are easy to contact.

More than the built-in trust you have with traders working in your area, local locksmiths can offer better service all-around. This isn’t a matter of skill but of proximity. Because they work in your area, local locksmiths can work much faster.  

Larger locksmithing companies know this. Some even set up local 1800 or 1300 hotlines to make it seem like they operate in the area. To make sure you’re working with a local tradie, search Google’s business pages to verify if they are a legitimately local service.

They also offer 24/7 emergency service.

Locksmith Night


There are quite a lot of emergencies that require a locksmith. You never know when you will need one. Whether you’ve been locked out of your apartment or need to switch locks for security, it is ideal to have somebody on-call. 

Luckily, most locksmithing companies and professionals already offer this. It’s worth noting that some companies have this as a “guarantee” only to disappoint customers when they don’t show up to their house at 2 A.M. 

Ask questions about their emergency services to gain a better understanding of how they work, specific to the service provider you go with.

They have experience and credentials.

This should go without saying. Locksmiths’ reputation precedes their work. You will get a strong sense of the quality of their work simply by looking at their experience and credentials.

To start, you can look for things such as:

  • Reviews of their service, both online and from neighbours
  • Clients they have previously worked with
  • Required certification and licenses to operate

In Australia, locksmiths must undergo qualification, typically Certificate III in Locksmithing. Locksmiths who have this certification have gone through proper apprenticeship and training to render professional work in locksmithing.

They are upfront about costs.

This is where locksmiths get a bad rep. Some locksmiths—the bad ones, anyway—often figure their pricing as they go along. This typically leads to unexpected surcharges and upselling.

Good locksmithing services are upfront about their rates. These typically offer premium services that come with predictably premium pricing. It is much better to go with locksmiths that have clear pricing rather than those who offer entry-level but ultimately very manipulative rates.

They care about your security

Genuine care about your security. This is perhaps the most important thing to out for when hiring a locksmith.

You can get a sense of how much a locksmith cares during the initial call. Locksmiths that genuinely looks out for your safety asks you questions, diagnoses your space thoroughly for potential security flaws, and advises you about how to better secure your home or your office. 

That doesn’t mean they will sell you the most expensive service or kit, either. Good locksmiths know exactly what’s right for you and won’t sell you something you don’t need.

Things To Consider When Hiring a Locksmith

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